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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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sister. >> reporter: did she tell you what happened inside? >> she just said there was a shooting, she's scared, she's hiding in the closet. >> based upon what we have seen and based upon how they were equipped there had to have been some degree of planning that went into this. we have not ruled out terrorism. >> i cannot express how sad i am. why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i'm in shock myself. >> it is possible that this was terrorist related but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. a nation in shock. the fbi is now leading the investigation, trying to find the motive behind the deadliest mass shooting since newtown back in 2012. we are awaiting an update from officials in california this hour. police are not ruling out terrorism at this time. 14 people are dead, 17 wounded. some very seriously. after a shooting rampage during a christmas party at a state-run
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center for people with developmental disabilities in san bernardino, california. >> we're all scared. >> this video from inside the inland regional center as police swarmed in. the suspects have been identified as 28-year-old u.s. citizen syed rizwan farooq and his 27-year-old wife, tashfeen malik. farook was at the party and left under what was described as angry circumstances. minutes later he returned with his wife armed with tactical gear and assault rifles. they left their 6 month old baby with the grandmother saying they were going to a doctor's appointment. hundreds of people were evacuated from the office complex. a large complex. police had to go room to room looking for explosive devices.
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>> try to relax, everyone. i will take a bullet before you do. that's for damn sure. >> the wounded were immediately triaged in the street, some from pickup trucks. the shooters were killed after police checking a lead in the nearby town of redlands, california began chasing a black suv. the pursuit led them right back to san bernardino where the deadly shootout broke out. [ gun shots ] the southern california residential neighborhood remained on lockdown for six hours as a house by house search took place for what police thought was a third suspect or explosive devices. authorities later determined there was no additional suspect on the loose. as best they know. officials sent an armored vehicle and robot to the redlands home of the couple and detonated three explosive devices left at the crime scene. we are learning more today about the shooters. federal officials tell nbc news
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that farook traveled to saudi arabia two years ago where he met his wife and brought her back to the u.s. on a fiancee visa. she is of pakistani descent but became an american citizen through marriage to farook. farook had online dating profiles where he described himself as religious but modern, quote. let's bring in our team. nbc's craig melvin in san bernardino, kerry sanders in redlands and of course, nbc justice correspondent, pete williams in washington. and sean henry, a retired executive assistant director of the fbi. craig, first to you on the latest from the scene. >> reporter: andrea, that news conference was set to start at the top of the hour, about five minutes ago we were notified that it will start at 12:30 eastern time, 9:30 here in california. you mentioned the fbi taking over the investigation. the fbi will of course be leading the news conference
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here, also told governor jerry brown will be here as will representatives from the atf and local officials as well. i have spent a fair amount of the morning talking to city officials here and one thing that city official told me maybe about an hour and a half ago, this narrative that we have been exploring over the past day or so, this idea that farook left the party yesterday angry, that he left in a huff. the city official telling me that may not necessarily jive with what we ultimately find out about the motivations. if you look at the planning that was required to carry out the attack yesterday, that might make some sense, if you were to just leave in a huff all of a sudden, you probably don't 10 to 30 minutes after that manage to outfit yourself, body armor, four semiautomatic weapons and the like. so the city official throwing a
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bit of shade on that narrative. at the news conference, we are expecting to find out as we have in each of these news conferences just a little bit more about the suspects, the two dead suspects. we also hope to find out a little bit more about the victims as well. 14 people lost their lives yesterday. a short time ago the first official identification, damian meier. we just have a name, we don't have an age. we hope to start learning more about the victims as well. we can also tell you that some of the conditions have been upgraded at area hospitals. a few of the folks that had been in critical condition have been upgraded to stable but critical as well. but again, in about 30 minutes we should get, we should get a fair amount more information. >> kerry sanders, what more do we know about the suspects? you're in redlands near the house that we all watched with
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fascination for hours last night as the s.w.a.t. teams circled and tried to enter the house looking for explosive devices as well after what they had found, of course, back at the disability center. >> reporter: we do know that they led a pretty quiet life here in the neighborhood because neighbors we have spoken to didn't really know them, and this is a somewhat friendly neighborhood. obviously the homes are very close together here. i'm going to step out of the way and just take you down the street a little bit. you can see first of all, the vehicle out front, the fbi pried open the doors, the trunk, and searched throughout there, then they eventually went in and as you go a little to the right, you can see there's some orange cones there. that's apartment number 53. that is where the fbi entered along with the atf with the robot and of course, the local police. the real search here is to try to see if something inside the home can answer the question as to why.
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i have spoken to several law enforcement experts, those who are not specifically handling this investigation said do not immediately conclude because we keep saying syed farook and his wife that syed farook is the mastermind here. they say it's very unusual to see that a woman is involved in this sort of mass shooting based on the history of the carnages we have seen in our country before, but also, that he met her in saudi arabia. she of pakistani descent, he born in chicago but also of pakistani parents and that he met her and brought her home from saudi arabia. so law enforcement experts are saying that they would say that you should look at this with a clean slate and wonder who the mastermind, who the ringleader is, and not assume that it is him. we may actually find out a little bit more at the news conference that's coming up in a short period of time but as you know, the fbi is going to move very methodically on this, especially with the remaining question of whether this was terrorism or workplace violence.
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but as craig points out, it seems really hard to understand that this could be simply from getting upset at a meeting or party. that is because so much planning went into place. i have done the drive. it's 15 minutes from here to over there when there's no traffic. everybody knows california traffic. so the idea of getting outfitted in all this tactical gear, having the weapons, the ar-15, the military police long gun, all of those sorts of things and don't forget there are the explosive devices which had to have been prepared well in advance. at least one of them it was believed could be triggered by the type of trigger used for remote cars, little kid's toy. all of that was preplanned. so the idea this is simply because somebody got upset at a christmas party doesn't really seem to fit. we're really hoping we will hear a little bit more to fill in some of the gaps. otherwise people are jumping to conclusions here.
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>> exactly. in fact, i think even after last night, it was pretty well-established by local officials, sean henry, let me bring you in here, that this was very well planned, very well co choreographed. if workplace related, it goes back far deeper. this was an organized event. this couple left their child, their infant child with the grandmother under a false excuse of going to a doctor's appointment. this was a planned event. >> yeah, it certainly seems like that, with that type of tactical equipment. what we have talked about historically is when we see terrorist cases, again, this is early on, it's not been determined to be terrorist related although the fbi taking a leadership role now, certainly points in that direction from my perspective. but we talk about aspirational versus operational. what is that pivotal point, that issue that pushes somebody over the hump to actually take action? there are hundreds of people, director comey from the fbi has
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said historically a few months ago under investigation, actively, that they believe are involved in the jihadi cause looking to harm americans. not all of them have determined to go operational. but in this case we see people who have taken some action. so is it workplace violence? and is it inspired by the jihadi cause? that's what they're looking at right now. they will be going through media devices, et cetera, looking to see what type of material they were reading, if they were in fact inspired and the saudi trip is also going to be a big part, i believe, of the fbi investigation. >> and stand by just a moment because i want to bring in pete williams, who has new information. pete? >> couple of things here in terms of one, the preparation for this. it turns out now that the suv, we have been puzzled by looking at the license plate on the suv they drove yesterday which led to this shootout.
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you can't see it from this aerial picture, but some pictures that were taken this morning by our knbc helicopter out there showed what looked to us like a utah license plate on the car, which led us to wonder if the car was rented. law enforcement officials tell us that is the case, that the rental, the car had been rented just -- there, that's the picture i'm talking about. if you can take the banner down and back it up, you will see, we will come back to it in just a second, i think. there it is. that's a utah license plate. well, good luck on pressing the freeze frame button. that's a utah plate. so that's made us wonder if in fact the car was rented and we have been told yes, it was, it was rented recently. this was part of their preparation. a second thing that they will look at is -- there, you see it
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quite clearly. there's sort of an arch on the utah plate and that's what it is there. thank you for that. the second thing they will look at is as they try to figure out what the motivation here is, one thing is the possibility of terror inspiration and that's -- they're looking at all these pipe bombs that were left behind. they're looking at how they were made. now, it's clear that one place where you can go to find out about how to build bombs is inspire magazine, this al qaeda publication. that's what the boston bombers did. one thing that law enforcement officials are asking themselves is well, okay, but is there other places, are there other places where you can get the same kind of instructions. in other words, if it turns out that they conclude that these explosive devices that were left behind there at the inland center were built in the way
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that al qaeda teaches, that might lead you in one direction but at the same time, they have to ask themselves are there other places where you can get that same information. that's one of the questions they are asking themselves. in a sense, that's sort of a small example of how this investigation seems to keep looking in two directions. the president touched on this this morning. we have been saying this all day and really since last night, it has the aspects of a workplace attack because they chose people they knew, but it has aspects of a terror style attack because it was so well prepared, it involved explosive devices and the obvious fact that you have people here that have a muslim background which could mean that they were into a jihadist world. it's just a possibility that has to be looked at. so that's just a sort of tiny example of that. >> pete, at the news conference
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that took place around 1:30 this morning our time, eastern time, one of the questions was did they target supervisors and the response from the police officials were -- was that it took them so long to get inside because of the possibility of explosive devices and the care they took, that they had not even questioned some of the survivors there, some of the victims who had been hostage in the situation to find out who was targeted. they were still working on that. that's the kind of information we will be looking for from this news conference coming up in about 15 or 16 minutes. the other question i was going to ask sean henry, as they begin to look through their hard drives and try to exploit data from their phones, from their computers, not only what websites were they browsing to make the bomb or learn how to make the bomb, but what were their potential terror contacts or can they find any kind of
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connection, and how unusual is it to have a woman involved. could she have been the ringleader. was she driving the getaway car? raised in saudi where you can't drive, how did she prepare for this, did she take driving lessons. there are a lot of questions, because of her nationality. >> as it relates to exploitation of the media, you are absolutely right. certainly they will look at browsing history but also any online personas. were they engaged in chat rooms, the social media contacts, e-mails, documentation that may have been downloaded, pdf files, et cetera. that's a really rich environment from an investigative perspective. regarding the female, i think pete was absolutely right. when you look at this trip to saudi, he meets a woman over there, he comes back, that's absolutely something the fbi is going to be digging into. the fbi has agents that are assigned full-time over in
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saudi, they work regularly with the saudi intelligence service and they will be looking to do a fullback ground investigation, if you will, full investigation on the ground there in coordination with the saudi authorities to make some determination about what her role was in this. her broader social circle, who she's had contacts with. so there will be a lot of questions to be answered in the coming days and weeks. >> there's a huge question as to a couple willing to leave their young child and go into this what could have been suicidal mission. we don't know what their intent was. but to leave your child and go off and launch this very well planned operation is a huge question that gets to motivation. >> that's right. again, it will take such a long time. the two people who know best are both dead. that's why the investigative efforts, talking to family members, people who were engaged with them, and that broader
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social circle through digital analysis, electronic investigation, to look at the virtual world that they may have been involved in, who they were communicating with. those are the pieces that will help to put that together and determine what their full motivation is and whether in fact, this is a jihadi attack that was perhaps the impetus was some type of workplace quarrel or something of that nature. the idea of this hybrid piece i think is really right on the money at this point with everything that we know. >> sean and pete, stand by. i want to bring in knbc photographer alex vasquez, one of the first journalists to arrive at the scene witnessing the chaos of the mass shooting first-hand. he joins me by phone. alex, you have had quite an experience. just describe the terror of the moment and how you were performing your job. >> reporter: well, this is a
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community i cover every single day. i specifically focus on san bernardino. when i was two miles away and heard the initial police call, of an active shooter, they said the building, i knew immediately where it was. when i got there, i reached for my camera and heard what i thought were two gun shots, one after another quickly, and i ran about a block and a half to try to get to the scene. when i got there, i just saw people running from the building, many of them had been shot. they were screaming for help i was very chaotic situation. you could tell these people were obviously in shock. they weren't quite sure what had happened. a lot of them were collapsing on to the ground where they had the triage center hooked up. my video shows where that took place. more than anything, it was tough because i had been in that building before covering stories. i know exactly where that is. i know who these people are as far as hard-working people of the community. when i see them, when i saw them, obviously in this state,
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it moved me. it kind of separated me as a journalist and i gave a couple people my cell phone so they could call loved ones. they were just saying i'm okay, i'm okay, and that's basically what i remember. everything was happening so quickly. yet at the same time, it seemed like everything was in slow motion. >> you were caught right in that -- the crossroads of your professional instincts and obligations and your instincts as a human being and you tried to serve both. just an extraordinary moment. when you saw the police and their response, they say it took about four minutes for them to get there, but they did a phenomenal job by all accounts. >> reporter: enough can't be said about how they performed. they were doing everything they could to get people away from that building, not knowing if the shooter was amongst them or the shooters as we now know. it was chaotic but at the same time, very controlled by law enforcement. they had agencies from san bernardino county sheriff's department working with
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obviously the local law enforcement which is san bernardino police. i saw officers with long assault rifles carrying people to safety and i saw -- i heard officers telling everybody you're going to be okay, you're going to be okay, just hang in there. unfortunately, i saw one person pass away right next to me when i was shooting video and i could just tell that the employees were more than anything, i can just describe it as shocked. one woman i specifically tried to speak with told me i don't know what happened, i just her gunshots, gunshots were going off and i ran. so it didn't even seem like a lot of people may have seen the shooter but they definitely heard the gunshots. >> alex, i hope you can take a breath and try to absorb what you have experienced before you go on to the next assignment, as is always the case. thank you for sharing all of that. sean henry, before we take a quick break, i want to ask you about the significance of the fbi taking over, because even last night at 1:30 this morning when i was watching, the fbi assistant director from the l.a.
9:21 am
office hung back and let the local policehief lead the way. but now the fbi is in charge. what did they decide in terms of the relative aspects of workplace versus possible terror that made the fbi take the case? >> first, let me say that the local police there did an unbelievable job. when you see the video and you hear the reporting of their response to this, it was phenomenal. what the fbi does in a case of an active shooter is they are going to provide support. the fbi has a lot of resources, some intelligence capabilities and they are going to assist state and locals. at this point, the fbi has now taken the lead, to me that's indicative that this is leaning towards terrorism. there may be intelligence that they have collected that's not been publicized yet but that they have made a determination that this is tied to a terrorist incident. the state and locals will still be involved. it's a collaborative effort. the joint terrorism task force will be the lead investigative agency here and that's led by
9:22 am
the fbi, but it's comprised of law enforcement agencies from the entire area as well as the intelligence community. and the los angeles jttf is one of the biggest and best in the country. so they are in good hands as it relates to the investigation. but it will continue to be a team effort by all the agencies in that area. >> sean henry, thanks so much. we'll be back in a moment. up next, the latest on what we know about the victims of america's latest mass shooting. the worst since newtown. today, flags have been lowered to half staff at the white house and at the capitol. >> right now it's just too easy. we're going to have to search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to
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our staff have trained, they've prepared, but there's nothing that you can do really to prepare for an event like yesterday with the emotional trauma that comes along with that, particularly in the context of you don't know what's coming next. >> we are learning more about the victims from yesterday's shooting massacre and the conditions of the 17 injured who are in the hospital. let's go live to msnbc's tremaine lee in california. tell us whether any of these victims' conditions have been upgraded. >> reporter: so of the 17 people who were injured in yesterday's shooting, five are right behind me at the loma linda hospital. two remain in critical
9:27 am
condition. three are in fair. now, this is a level one trauma center. they deal with their fair share of gunshot wounds and traumatic injury from auto accidents but time and again, folks here, officials at the hospital say it's not just the physical wounds that they're concerned about. there are the emotional wounds. moments ago, i spoke with kathleen clemm, chair of emergency medicine here. she said one part about this that's daunting, it's not treating the wounds. they are experts at this. they are professionals. but it's the idea that this could happen again and the level of trauma they have seen yesterday, just one after another come in, is daunting. but there's also those folks who have had loved ones who were injured or killed in the shooting. those who were trapped in the room and witnessed the horror of the massacre yesterday. earlier on the "today" show matt lauer spoke with a husband of a woman who survived but now has bullet fragments in her body. let's take a listen.
9:28 am
>> she could not see who was the shooter because everybody ducked down. she said bullets was flying all over the place. she crawled herself into the bathroom, then she realized her hands are bleeding. >> reporter: that couple, they have a young child and now they hopefully will be able to reunite as a family. like so many other families that are connected to yesterday's violence, it seems to be a long road towards healing and hope as they try to heal with the entire community, not just the physical wounds but the emotional wounds. >> thank you very much. republican presidential candidates are responding today to the tragedy in san bernardino. the 355th mass shooting in the united states in this year alone by some accounts. >> at this point, the details of what happened in san bernardino are still unclear but our prayers are with the families of
9:29 am
those who were murdered, of those who were shot. and all of us are deeply concerned that this is yet another manifestation of terrorism. radical islamic terrorism here at home. coming on the wake of the terror attack in paris, this horrific murder underscores that we are at a time of war. >> chris matthews is the host of "hardball" and joins me now. it strikes me in having been through this all night now that people went to their corners. the democrats automatically said it's guns, we have to control guns, which is i think a broadly held view. republicans automatically said we have prayers for the victims but let's talk about terrorism at least by today, cruz and
9:30 am
others. and it may be a mixture as the president was very careful to say today, while still pointing out that no matter what the motive, you cannot deny the fact that from his point of view, guns are too easily available. >> right. i thought his answer was very careful. i think that's an example of how he has learned from the benghazi episode, that you can't put out spokespeople. you have to go out yourself because only the president can be nuanced and careful like that. when you give people talking points, they use talking points. but when you are able to command the language like he is so carefully and he was very careful today, he said it could be terrorism but of course, donald trump today, who is the front-runner and maybe in both parties now at this point, let's take a look. this is going to what you call their corners. >> we had another event which probably was the one yesterday, probably was related. it always happens. but probably was. when i heard about it i figured maybe not, but it turns out probably was related.
9:31 am
radical islamic terrorism and i'll tell you what, we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about. now, as far as hillary's concerned, she's got to go with what he wants. >> that was very skillful. because he's playing -- it's a jewish audience, maybe conservative audience, i don't know, i assume they are being it's a republican crowd. but i'll tell you this. a majority of republicans believe the president is a muslim. these are facts. they say so to pollsters, whether they believe it deep down or not, they say it. maybe it's a taunt. here he is saying there's something wrong with him, that's the president of the united states who has been re-elected twice, that we don't know about. we are going back here to birtherism, back to that deep,
9:32 am
dark, awful not even suspicion, it's a charge, that this president is somehow a usurper, an islamic figure himself who has gotten into the office of the presidency and is out to support islamic terrorism. awful. i would call it a trumpet call or bugle call. i thought it was very clear there going to a conservative audience that's very concerned about islamic terrorism, and saying the president is basically in cahoots. it's awful. it's awful. you said go to their corners. that's the wickedest corner. >> this is all happening, this horrible incident, this mass shooting, the 355th or whatever number you want to count, depending on how you count it, if you count it according to one website which says that a mass shooting is four or more people either being shot and/or skilki. the fbi has a more narrow definition. if you go to the first
9:33 am
definition, there have been more shootings than days in this year. >> i know. i think it's possible to have two things in mind at the same time. we don't know if there's been conflicting reports about whether these guns were bought legally or not. they were apparently semiautomatic weapons and that of course has been an issue. dianne feinstein led the fight in california, nationwide, to try to get them banned. assault weapons. >> and she did. she succeeded in 1994. >> a lot of democrats lost. >> and democratic senators lost. >> tom foley, speaker of the house lost. a lot of people lost because of that stand. >> she still supports it. it expired in 2004 despite her best efforts to try to get enough votes. i think there were only eight votes in the senate to try to get it reinstated and she was fighting for it last night. >> saying all that and these two issues are both genuine and both important. here we are in december before the presidential election begins in earnest. i think trump is going to win on this one. i think he's going to go all out in iowa with the evangelicals. i just looked at a poll this
9:34 am
morning when i came in. the number one issue with evangelicals is not religion. it's not moral values. it's terrorism. >> the interesting thing is that both donald trump and ben carson in the last couple of weeks went to the dark side, let's say, on their suggestions about muslims and after the paris attacks, donald trump with his strong language and his projection of strength zoomed up in the polls compared to ben carson. >> he will exploit the hell out of this. >> thank you very much, chris matthews. craig melvin and kerry sanders are both in california, san bernardino and redlands. we are awaiting the press conference with the governor and local officials. craig? >> reporter: i can tell you in the past five minutes, there have been two developments. a source of mine again at the city tells me that whatever is going to be announced here will be quote, significant. we are expecting some sort of significant announcement. she would not -- he would not characterize what that meant.
9:35 am
but when this news conference does get under way, again, it's been delayed twice now, right now i can tell you the delay is more logistical than anything else. just the sheer number of cameras and reporters that have descended on this roadway has made it somewhat difficult for all participants in the news conference to actually get to the microphones. again, we are expecting to hear from or at least expecting folks to be on hand from the atf, the fbi, which has taken over the investigation, we are told governor jerry brown will be here as well and of course, the sheriff that we have been hearing from so much over the past 18 hours or so. so again, the outstanding question, the outstanding question continues to be was this workplace violence. did he actually leave, did syed farook actually leave this party, 10, 30 minutes later,
9:36 am
return upset and shoot up the workplace, or is there something even more sinister at work here. we heard from president obama a short time ago intimating that terrorism was in fact a possibility. local law enforcement, they have been saying that from the very beginning. it is our expectation that when this news conference does get started and again, we expect it to start any moment now, but when it does get started, that will be something that is addressed. >> kerry sanders is with us as well. mary ellen o'toole, former senior fbi profiler, and jim cavanaugh, former atf special agent in charge. jim, let me ask you a question, because we know something more about the guns involved in this case. we are talking about the long guns or assault rifles used in the california shooting and the fact that under california law, if they were modified to accept more than ten rounds, the larger magazines, then they would be illegal, but if they weren't,
9:37 am
then they would be legal under california lu. do i have that right? >> yes. that's right. they have some configurations of those guns that can be legal as long as they are modified not to accept magazines with more than ten rounds. it sure looks like these guys had magazines with a lot more than ten rounds. they are planning a big attack so they are easy to come by. you can get them in any neighboring state easy enough. there's millions and millions of them out there. they're not hard to get if you are determined and if you want to kill a lot of people. >> and kerry sanders, you are in redlands where that house was examined from top to bottom. refresh us as to whether they found anything that you have been told about. >> reporter: yeah. it's actually still being examined. this is not over. the fbi and local law enforcement officer just came by me a few moments ago. they are around back. while what we see out front seems to be relatively quiet, as i step out of the way, you see
9:38 am
the orange cones down there, the fbi and the other teams including the atf as well as the local police are here still gathering evidence. some of the evidence is being taken out obviously teams that study computers and do forensic analysis of hard drives can do so much more when they are actually with that equipment at their office, in their lab, rather than having it right here. as i look down the street, i think i can see a little bit of activity just down there. you probably see it better with the zoomed-in position of our camera, but the street remains closed as the authorities are trying to really find the real, at the end of the day, the answer to the question as to why. because the suspects here, the husband and wife, didn't say anything and because they didn't apparently leave a note that's quite obvious, everybody wants to know what motivated them. i think that's the remaining question probably at the top of the list because once you get a better understanding of why, then you can unfold the rest of
9:39 am
the investigation among the question is were there any tips or hints or red flags along the way that people just overlooked. >> what we did see with the zoom lens was fbi agents loading obviously things they had taken from the home on the to the back of a white pickup so they are taking evidence. as we know from talking earlier to sean henry and pete williams, they will exploit everything they can from the computers, checking websites, their social media activity, whether they used any pseudonyms. mary ellen o'toole, also when profiling this couple, that's the best they can do other than talking to neighbors and friends, friends and relatives, co-workers, but they could have had a very secret life that is best understood by looking at what they have done online. >> well, they certainly could have and most of us have different lives, we have a private life, we have a social life, we have a public life.
9:40 am
we are very protective of that part of our life that could compromise us and more specifically if we are involved in something that's criminal and we don't want to be interrupted, we don't want someone to find out about us, we will put that smile on our face and when we meet people, they will not think we are dangerous or threatening in any way because we don't want our plan to be interrupted. it seems based on the characterizations of the co-workers, that's what happened here. >> i want to go to craig melvin also, as you await that news conference. we will hear from the governor, mayor davis, local police officials and the fbi. your expectation is that we will hear more about the investigation and what they have learned. we know both times last night they were delayed by an hour or longer from their news conferences because they were examining new intelligence. >> reporter: that is the sense
9:41 am
that we are getting here as well this time. i was just told by the spokesperson here that we are probably about at least two or three minutes away. apparently i believe the governor's en route. there was also a logistical issue as well. again, just the crush of cameras and reporters here. they were not expecting so they have had to make additional accommodations. but as you indicated, these updates that we have been getting, sometimes in situations like this they will convene reporters and cameras and lu ha you will have officials that come out and don't tell you a lot. that has not been the case here. every time they convened the journalists here, we learned new information. we expect that to be the case this time. as i'm talking, you can probably see the folks behind me. you can see the folks behind me, i will step out, starting to make their way, starting to make their which ay to the podium.
9:42 am
i see folks from the police department, the sheriff's department, highway patrol as well. >> i can see the fbi, assistant director from los angeles who spoke last night. you will probably hear from the governor or police chief first. as they get ready to start this news conference, this is really a critical point. the president as you know was very cautious, saying there could be a mixture of reasons. he didn't want to jump to conclusions. but he did emphasize that guns and the availability of guns are still an issue for him. he has been criticized soundly by republican candidates already today who are talking about the fact that this was to their mind muslim extremism. here's the police chief. >> good morning. again, my name id jarrod burguan, chief of police in san bernardino. i have sheriff mcmahon with me and congressman aguilar and
9:43 am
county supervisor james ramos joining us this morning as well. i want to start this off by reiterating that -- how incredibly tragic this is. we have got a lot of families that are clearly devastated by what happened here and we need to be sensitive to that. i want it put out to those families out there that our prayers are with them and we are here to support them any way that we can. some updated numbers. same as yesterday. we have 14 people that are confirmed dead in this incident. the number of wounded has risen from 17 to 21. they are being treated at various local hospitals. we were asked yesterday about the number of officers that responded. we are still compiling the total number of officers that responded here at 11:00 when the initial call of the shooting went out. our rough count right now is about 300 officers from local, county, state and federal agencies that responded for the
9:44 am
initial active shooter component of this, and helped deal with the crime scene here. many of those assets also moved and were part of the investigation in the officer involved shooting that followed. here at the scene, at the inland regional center, what we have total is we believe the suspects when they entered fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb, there were actually three pipe bombs combined into one that had a remote control car type remote control device that appears to have not worked in this case. there were also four high capacity 223 rifle magazines that were dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence that have been recovered. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear that we talked about yesterday. they were not wearing ballistic vests, bulletproof vests.
9:45 am
what they did have and what people may have confused is they had tactical style vests that held equipment and magazines and ammunitions and that sort of stuff. on the officer involved shooting that took place a couple of hours after the incident, we talked yesterday about how that came to be, how we ended up at that point in the investigation and what we were following up on. on the officer involved shooting that occurred we have seven police agencies that were involved in that shooting, including our department, the sheriff's department, i think we had 14 of our police officers involved and then there were various other agencies that were all part of some of the local task force that had come to assist in the initial response. of the seven agencies involved we had 23 officers that were actually fired their weapons at the suspects. law enforcement fired approximately 380 rounds at the suspects. both of them were killed here at the scene. the suspects are believed to have fired about 76 rifle rounds
9:46 am
at the officers at the termination of the pursuit. >> reporter: how many? >> 76 is our number we have right now. however, on them, on their person, on their body and in the vehicle, they had over 1400 223 caliber rounds that were available to them and they had over 200 nine millimeter rounds on their persons as well. we talked about yesterday they had the two 223 assault style weapons, rifles and nine millimeters on them. 1400 on 223 rounds, 200 nine millimeter rounds. >> reporter: on their person? >> on their person. yes. on their person or immediately in the vehicle around and available to them. >> reporter: not fired? >> let me get to a few others. we had two officers that were injured in that incident. one of them was a san bernardino police officer that sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. he was taken to a local hospital last night. he is probably going to be released this morning, if he has
9:47 am
not already been released. his injuries are not life-threatening. i did visit with him in the hospital last night. he's in good spirits. we also as of this morning learned that there was a second deputy that was also injured in the incident, sustained some cuts to his leg that we believe probably came from broken glass or shrapnel. we're not exactly sure. two officers total were injured in that exchange. the house in redlands that became part of the focus of this investigation yesterday. i will confirm that the search that took place revealed that there were 12 pipe bomb type devices found in that house or in the garage to that house. there were also hundreds of tools, many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs, and in addition to that, they had other material to have produced some additional bombs as well. there were another 2,000 nine millimeter rounds found at that house. over 2500 223 rounds were found
9:48 am
at that house. then there were -- 2500, and then there were additional long rifle rounds found there. so with that, i'm here to talk about the specifics of the investigation and when we discovered evidence-wise. i think the fbi's got some comments to make a little bit later in this. do you have any questions for me? >> reporter: do you believe they were planning another attack? >> we don't know. clearly they were equipped and they could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them before that happened, obviously. >> reporter: any other suspects or people of interest? >> so the investigation is still going on and i don't think we are prepared to talk about other people that we might be looking for. we are confident that the two people that were involved in the shooting here are the two dead suspects that we have at the scene. we do not have any credible information to indicate that there is an immediate threat to anybody in the area or anybody in the region. go ahead. can't hear everybody. brian? >> reporter: the remote control car that was with the pipe bomb, can you elaborate what that was?
9:49 am
>> i'm not an expert on it. it's my understanding that somehow it was three pipe bombs that were attached together, somehow attached to this remote control car and it was designed that the remote control device would somehow trigger or set that device off. we don't know if they attempted to do that and it failed or what the story is. >> reporter: was the car moving? >> it was found in a bag. that was there at the scene. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm going to let the fbi address those particular issues. the go pro has not confirmed. we don't have any information they had go pros on them or any cameras of any sort on them. >> reporter: can you tell us exactly what happened in the room and do you still believe that there was some dispute and they left and came back? this seems very much preplanned. >> so we have people in the room that have indicated that the suspect was in the room during the early part of this meeting
9:50 am
or party type event. it was a county public health christmas holiday type gathering luncheon is what it was. he was part of that. he was there early on and he left. we did have some initial information that he left under some kind of duress or as if he was angry. we also had somebody else say he just kind of disappeared, we don't know where he went from there. so i don't know that we know enough about that yet but we will confirm he was there early on. >> reporter: do you have any motive? >> we still don't have the motive. >> reporter: how they got in the building? were they targeting anyone in particular? >> the building that this took place in, i'm sure you guys all have aerial views of the irc and what it is. this took place in the southernmost building on the property. the doors that they entered were located on the east side so they entered from that parking lot into those east doors which went directly into the room, which is where the shooting took place. those doors were unlocked. it was an open party to those folks.
9:51 am
[ inaudible question ] >> well, they sprayed the room with bullets so i don't know that there was any one person they ultimately targeted. they killed 14 people there. >> reporter: is there any indication [ inaudible ] he supposedly got in this argument and left, any idea where his wife was? >> i meant to follow up on that question. i failed to ask that today. yesterday we had information that it was anywhere from ten minutes to 30 minutes. i will try to tie that up by later on. >> reporter: it seems hard to believe all this was spontaneous. >> oh, no, we said yesterday that there appears to be a degree of planning that went into this. nobody just gets upset at a party, goes home and puts together that kind of elaborate scheme or plan to come back and do that. there was some planning that went into this. >> reporter: is there any indication of how long they had been stockpiling [ inaudible ]? >> i don't think we are far enough into the investigation to really be able to definitively say what that pattern has been
9:52 am
or every place they have been and what they have been doing over the last several months or several years. that's the part we're still working on. >> reporter: did he have a grudge against his co-workers that you were able to find out? >> not that i'm personally aware of. i think at some point later today we will probably have a comment from his employer in the county to talk about those issues. >> reporter: is it legal to possess that much ammo? >> reporter: he was no longer employed at the center. why was he invited back to this party? >> it's my understanding he was still an employee of the county. >> reporter: where did he get the guns from? >> the two hand guns were purchased by him. the long guns were not. all four guns were legally purchased. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? >> reporter: did he have a record? >> there was no credit record he had that we are aware of. >> reporter: can you tell us about the getaway car?
9:53 am
we heard before there was a utah license plate. >> it was a black ford excursion, the big expedition or -- expedition. i'm sorry. black ford expedition. it was a rental car. he rented it three or four days ago. it was actually due to be returned yesterday. that's why it had utah plates. but it was rented locally. >> reporter: where did he rent it? >> reporter: is there any connection that something was planned on the trip? >> i will let the fbi discuss that. those are things they are working on. >> reporter: have you been able to identify all the victims and notify next of kin? >> our plan today is we will do a morning press conference. throughout the course of the day, sheriff mcmahon and the coroner's office is going to start releasing the names of the victims. we have been working throughout the night to get identity of those folks and then make notifications so we will start to put those names out here fairly soon. we are going to probably try to get some pictures out for you as well and probably try to move the media a little closer to the scene for you, then we will come
9:54 am
back and do a press conference later on. but throughout the course of the day, we anticipate we will start releasing the names of the victims. >> reporter: were they county employees? >> i don't know if they all were. several of them are. [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: can you talk about this community, how you see them being able to work past this? >> you know, i read an article by one of the reporters in the press -- i'm sorry, the "sun" this morning and she talked about the resiliency of this community. and the fact everybody knows, san bernardino has been beaten up with the bankruptcy and some of the things that have hit this community and economically this community has been hit hard but this is a pretty resilient community. we will survive this. we have had an enormous groundswell of support from our neighboring communities and well wishers that have come in from all over the place. i do know there is a candle light vigil planned later tonight i believe at the stadium, and i think you will see evidence there of a tremendous amount of support and people that are going to come together in support.
9:55 am
as far as the officers, everything that i have seen and all the officers from my department that i contacted are doing extraordinarily well. i will tell you as chief of this agency i'm incredibly proud of the way our folks responded. not only the initial response here and the help we got from our local and regional partners but for the way they also engaged in that officer involved shooting. that was nothing short of heroic. extremely proud of the way they handled that. >> reporter: were your officers wearing body -- >> reporter: is it legal to have long guns here in california? >> i think there are some questions still about whether they were california legal or not. we have not gotten to the bottom of that. i will let atf address that later on. we do know at this point that the four guns were purchased, appeared to be a legal purchase, and appeared to be registered. >> reporter: were your officers wearing body cams? >> none of our officers did. i don't know about the other agencies. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not sure where the child is. i know they had a 6 month old
9:56 am
child. i don't know exactly where she is. >> reporter: can you possess that much ammunition legally? >> i don't think we have restrictions on the volume of ammunition. i'm not aware of any law -- >> reporter: is there anything on the ammunition? >> offhand i'm not specifically aware of anything that was against the law there. >> reporter: can you tell us more about the search of the redlands home? what you're looking for, what else you may have found besides the ammunition that helps you in seeking motive? who lived there? >> so the suspect, both suspects were listed on the rental agreement for the property. as i said yesterday, i don't know that we can definitively say that they were living there or they were living elsewhere and what exactly that house was used for. the house became a focus of the investigation based upon information that we had from witnesses that identified them as an employee that was there they thought was potentially involved and it was followup that we had done connected to that person that took us to that house, led us to that vehicle which resulted in the following
9:57 am
pursuit and shooting that happened. obviously once we were involved in that, the house became a primary focus. so we took our time in securing it, making sure we went in that house, we cleared it safely. that's where we discovered the other pipe bombs and i think some other evidence, computer evidence, cell phones, things like that had been recovered from there and various other places. >> reporter: has anything come out of that that has helped you? >> i think there's a lot of helpful information we have gotten from a number of areas. >> reporter: have they been able to provide you with any kind of accounting how many people came in and out of that house other than the two people [ inaudible ]? >> we are still working and trying -- obviously i think we heard the rumors you guys have heard. we have some information but we are still trying to verify. keep in mind, i'm pretty careful when i come up here, information that went out yesterday is likely to change today and tomorrow. already, the wounded number has changed. i want to be as accurate as we possibly can. a lot of that type of stuff ends up being speculation or hearsay. i like to confirm it before we say it.
9:58 am
>> reporter: regarding the phones and computers, [ inaudible ]? >> so there has been a number of electronic items from thumb drives to computers and cell phones that have been taken. i don't think we have completed the analysis on them yet. i don't know what if any they have actually completed yet. real quickly, the fbi is here. he has a few comments. we will let him do it then come up and answer a few more questions. >> reporter: was there any surveillance at the building? >> it's my understanding there was no specific surveillance inside the room where the shooting took place. we are however in possession of surveillance cameras from the area and are still going through that evidence. >> good morning. i'm the assistant director in charge of the fbi in los angeles, david bowdich. i want to focus on two points. first, again, our hearts and our prayers are with the families of all these victims of this very heinous act. secondly, i ask you to be
9:59 am
patient. we are trying to give you little bits as we can, as we ascertain more and more facts. as you can tell, by this investigation and even the media response here today, this is not your average investigation. we have multiple scenes. we have many victims. and it will take time. there are a tremendous number of assets and resources being applied to this investigation. my focus as a fact finder who works for an organization that is really fixated on facts is i would much rather be slower and correct with the information that comes out to you than fast and incorrect. it's incredibly important for us because the integrity of this investigation is absolutely paramount as far as our concerns absent other than taking care of the victims. so we are applying a number of federal resources. we are continuing to work very, very carefully with our partners here at san bernardino county sheriff's department, san
10:00 am
bernardino city police department and the atf. these resources are being applied for a number of reasons. i will give you an example of some things we're doing today. we flew in a team to do some -- from washington to do some re-enactment, reconstruction of the crime scene. we have continued collecting evidence and are continuing to collect evidence at the multiple scenes. we are going to fly some evidence back to our laboratory in washington, d.c. today on a plane. that is because we want expeditious analysis of that evidence. as far as the digital media that was asked about earlier, the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point. we are hoping that some of that digital media exploitation will help us and assist us in obtaining some of that. again, it would be irresponsible of me and it would be way too early for us to speculate on motive of why this occurred.


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